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Catalog it all with Collectify


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Collectify makes cataloguing like an expert as easy as filling in a form. Whether your collection is monumental or just a choice few pieces, enter the details into Collectify and Collectify does the rest. It’s like having your own personal curator – always available to advise you – and with wizards to guide you!



Any type of collection can be catalogued in Collectify. We offer 33 pre-defined collection types – or you can define your own. Choose from hundreds of collection-specific data fields – or you can define your own. Select one of the 40 report templates – or of course – you can define your own!


Arrange the data screens to display JUST what is important to you – in the order that is most meaningful to you. In short, Collectify can be personalized to perfectly reflect your unique collecting needs.

Past, Present and Future


Document the financial and insurance details of your collection from the moment you buy to the moment you sell. You can even retain the history of objects after they leave your collection, or monitor objects you HOPE to have in your collection.


Watch your collection increase in value and keep tabs on the marketplace to purchase desired objects at just the right price. Let Collectify aid in estate planning – record in Beneficiaries who gets what and when.



Share new acquisitions with your insurance agent by email or with stylish, printed reports.


Show off your collection to friends and family with easily emailed slide presentations – include details or just pictures. You can even create a screensaver that showcases your collection.



Store all the associated details pertinent to your collection – appraisals, insurance, copies of catalogs and other relevant literature, provenance, condition… in short, everything you PREVIOUSLY stored in a filing cabinet can now be stored neatly and conveniently in Collectify.


Build profiles of artists, manufacturers, galleries, framers, restorers, auction houses and other contacts, and link them to the objects in your collection.


Store images, sound clips and video.


Track the location of your objects – even when they are on loan. Let Collectify remind you when to pick up your piece from the restorer, or when to renew your insurance policy. Collectify will even alert you if the value of your collection exceeds your insurance coverage!

Switch to Collectify!

If you already have your collection documented in a spreadsheet, use our Import utility to bring your data into Collectify. You can export too!

Collectify Pays For Itself

Periodically you might need to determine an up-to-date value for an object in your collection – perhaps for resale purposes or for replacement value. How can you substantiate the current value of an object without hiring an appraiser?

Collectify has a section called Comparison Objects. We encourage you to monitor the selling prices of objects similar to your own, or objects in the same set or series. Store the sale details in Comparison Objects – the realized price, location and date, and even store an image of the object sold. Paste details from on-line auctions. Digitally photograph or scan auction catalogues and store copies in Comparison Objects. Always know the current market value of your collection. You may even discover a value you never dreamed possible!