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Collectify Home Inventory
brings peace of mind.


Video Demo

Snap digital photos of your home’s contents, drag the photos into Collectify Home Inventory, give the objects a name and a value - and you're done! Have peace of mind knowing that should there ever be a loss, you're already on the road to a fast recovery.

Collectify Home Inventory is your complete inventory solution


Inventory your objects room by room – track values, serial numbers, warranties and receipts with photos and text

Quick Entry

Revolutionary and speedy data entry – Quick Image and Quick Entry make inventorying a breeze

Drag n Drop

Drag and drop photos, audio and video


Prepare for any emergency by storing precious family information at your fingertips


Manage insurance policies and prepare claims via email or printed copy


Document your home and property details - value, appraisals, structure, utilities, documents...


Create reports using the easy report templates - to print or email


Simplify estate planning

Why do I need home inventory software?

What if your toaster breaks after only three months? Where’s the receipt? Where’s the warranty?

What if your drains back up? What’s your plumber’s number? Your insurance agent’s? How much will it cost to replace your damaged possessions?

What if a terrible wind crashes a tree onto your house and you have to move out while you await repairs? Will you be able to document all your losses accurately and settle the claim quickly?

What about hurricanes, tornadoes, wildfires, floods, earthquakes… and you have to evacuate with little notice? Do you have all your critical details close at hand, as recommended by emergency organizations?

Losses come in all sizes and the fastest way to recover from a loss is to have adequate insurance and an up-to-date home inventory. With Collectify Home Inventory and a digital camera, you can save digital copies of all your warranties and receipts, store photos and values of every object you own, keep critical phone numbers at your fingertips, document your home and property appraisals, record all your insurance details, prepare claims and even plan your estate!

Collectify Home Inventory helps you simplify, organize and protect what’s important to you and your family.